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Stone County Humane Society

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Standing Committees

Adoptions/Animal Care Committee

Responsible for promoting, implementing, recording, and providing reports on adoption activities. This committee also provides the board with current information on the care of the animals and presents requests for financial support.

Board Development Committee

Responsible for the general affairs of the Board and ensures that it is doing its job. May develop Board member job descriptions; recruit and recommend appropriate new Board members; orient new board members; prepare slate of nominations; discuss with Officers their views of the Board's performance and ways to strengthen the Board.

Community Outreach Committee

Responsible for ensuring the SCHS presence in the community. Activities include but are not limited to: public relations (media, government, business), education outreach programs, participation at community events.

Fundraising Committee

Responsible for overseeing fund raising activities. This includes but is not limited to establishing a fundraising plan consistent with needs incorporating a series of vehicles such as special events, direct membership, solicitation, product sales, etc., and ensuring the involvement of all Board members in fundraising.

Governance Committee

Reviews all printed or published written materials pertaining to the Society. It writes, or revises, proofreads, and makes suggestions on the Bylaws, constitution, brochures, policy manuals, and other written documents as needed.

Public Relations Committee

Responsible for conducting annual membership drives, maintaining current lists of members and friends of the Society, promoting volunteer involvement, education outreach programs, special events, and maintaining of the Society's web site.

Second Chance Resale Store Committee

Responsible for the management and operation of the the resale store. Activities may include: solicitation of donations, merchandise selection and display, staff selection, communication and recognition.

Shelter Development Committee

Responsible for presenting design plans for review and discussion, creating a project manual for cost basis, planning a Capital Fund Drive and providing needed data for grant applications.

Spay/Neuter Services Committee

Responsible for managing the staffing, overseeing the operations and determining guidelines for subsidizing and promoting the spay/neuter clinics.